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Dear Parent(s):

STAAR testing time has arrived. On Monday and Tuesday of next week our 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th grade students will take STAAR tests. We are confident that our students are ready. Students and teachers alike have been working rigorously since the beginning of the school year to master the skills needed to be successful on the STAAR tests.
The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR™) is a state mandated test which measures mastery of the statewide curriculum in the subjects listed below for grades 3-8.
Satisfactory performance on STAAR tests is a prerequisite to grade promotion in grades 3-8 at Harmony Schools. The tests will be administered on the above dates.

Testing tips:
- Please do not send backpacks to school. Students may bring a book to read.
- Eat a good dinner the night before, and a good breakfast the morning of testing.
- If your student is bringing a lunch, please make sure that it does not need to be heated.

You need to know:
-Encouraging your student to do his or her personal best can greatly improve self-confidence which leads to better performance. However, DO NOT put a note in their lunch or book that will be in the testing room.
- NO VISITORS are allowed during testing time (even if your student is not testing).
- NO OUTSIDE FOOD/FAST FOOD can be delivered during testing.
- A muffin, banana, crackers and a water bottle will be provided by the school for those testing.
- NO CELL PHONES (If there is a reason they need it after school, remind them to give it to the
teacher during testing time so it can be documented it was off and not used for the test).
- After testing, students will return to their classrooms and resume classes. Please refrain from picking up your students early unless there is an emergency situation.

Thank you for all you do to help your student be as successful as possible, and for all of your contributions to Harmony Science Academy Grand Prairie.

2015-2016 Lottery

The lottery for the 2015-2016 School year will be held at our HIS campus in Fort Worth on March 28th at 1:00 p.m.

The address is:
8100 S Hulen St, Fort Worth, TX 76123

All applicants and their parents are invited to attend.

HSA-Grand Prairie Student Impresses with Advanced STEM Research Project at H-SEF

On March 6-7, 2015, the first Harmony Science & Engineering Fair (H-SEF) was held at HPS central office gymnasium and multi-purpose hall in Houston, TX. There were 91 students and 74 projects representing Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana at the event. H-SEF received around 600 project submissions and only invited top 75 among them. Majority of the invited projects were already award winners in their respective regional science fairs and many have been qualified to compete at the TX state science fair in San Antonio in late March.
HSA-Grand Prairie 8th grade student Shawn McAnalley won gold medal in Junior Division and he was also chosen as "Best of Fair" in Junior Division with his innovative project.
We congratulate Shawn McAnalley and our Science Teacher, Ms.Julie Minard for this remarkable success!

HSA-Grand Prairie Administration

Got Books!

The Middle School GT program is accepting books to be sent to Africa. We are looking for textbooks, other reference books and leisure reading books such as paperback and hardcover novels in good condition. The books can be either in English or French. Picture books are highly desired. The books have to be less than 15 years old. You will receive double PRS points for each book donated. Please turn the donated books into the donation box at the front lobby or in Mrs. Wanzer’s room, 305 for your double PRS points by April 24th.

Special Education Parent Workshop -- UPDATED

Attention Parents!

Harmony Public Schools are collaborating with Partners Resource Network whose mission is to empower and support parents of children and young adults with disabilities to be effective advocates for their children and promote positive parent/professional partnerships. As part of this partnership, you are invited to a free parent workshop about Special Education that will help you effectively access the services needed for your child.

**New Date**
March 18th - Positive Behavior Intervention
6:30 PM
Fort Worth- HSA Nature
Address: 8120 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. Dallas, TX 75249
Phone: (972) 296-1000

March 31st - ADHD
5:30 PM
Fort Worth - HSA Grand Prairie
Address: 1102 NW 7th St, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Phone: (972) 642-9911

Workshops presented by: PATH-Project

Inlcement Weather Make-up Day

We will have school on April 3rd 2015 to make up for our inclement weather day.

Microsoft Field Trip

Look what’s happening with Harmony Science Academy Grand Prairie’s Gifted and Talented students. Our 6th, 7th and 8th graders took a fieldtrip to Microsoft to learn how to create a game app. They also were allowed to explore the store and use the other Microsoft devices. What a great “hands on” experience!!
read more . . .

Accountability Ratings -HSA Grand Prairie earns all 6 available distinctions

Texas Education Agency has announced the Accountability Ratings for Texas Public Schools and Districts.

We are happy to announce that HAS Grand Prairie has received all 6 available distinctions for 2013-2014 academic year.

We would like to thank all our students, teachers and parents for this great success.

Click for 2014 Accountability Report

STEM Festival and Science Fair

On Saturday, January 24th, Harmony Science Academy- Grand Prairie had their annual Science Fair and STEM Festival. This year was different than ever before! With HSA-GP shifting from K-12 to K-8, the STEM Festival was not going to have the same levels of experiments as they have had previously. This did not stop them from making the day phenomenal! The STEM responsibilities shifted from the high school students to the elementary students and they took on the challenge with excitement and enthusiasm. Every class did a science experiment and students were selected to present their class project. Tigermedix was working in multiple locations with a booth set up to take blood pressure readings and running the concession area. Our Gifted and Talented groups did many projects including Future Cities creations. Our Robotics team had their robots out and demonstrating the immense work they have put into their programming and competitions. This was the first year we have incorporated the fine arts into our festival by having students' work as many of the decorations and a hallway designated for the artistic side. One of the favorites of the students was the bottle rocket competition. The students spent time before the festival creating rockets and then shot them off during the festival to see who made the best rocket. Two rockets even made it over a second fence! STEM Festival is something we will be looking forward to for many years to come! read more . . .

Dear Parent(s)/Guardians,

Please be informed that Harmony Public Schools are collaborating with Partners Resource Network whose mission is to empower and support parents of children and young adults with disabilities to be effective advocates for their children and promote positive parent/professional partnerships. As part of this partnership, you are invited to a free parent workshop about Special Education that would help you effectively access the services needed for your child.

For more information: Please contact our front office at 972-642-9911 to RSVP for each session. read more . . .

FLL Robotics Team Success

FLL Robotics team has participated in FLL competition last Saturday at Nolan Catholic High School in Fort Worth.
We got the 13th place out of 26 teams and our team got accomplishment at Core Values category and we have been named as role model team.
I would like to congratulate Mr.Seref Yagli as their head coach and Ms.Casey Wanzer as their mentor. Thanks for all your support and dedication.
We are proud of our students and wish them the very best luck!

#1 Core Values
The FLL Core Values are the cornerstones of the FLL program. They are among the fundamental elements that distinguish FLL from other programs of its kind. By embracing the Core Values, participants learn that friendly competition and mutual gain are not separate goals, and that helping one another is the foundation of teamwork.
Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Tigermedix 2014-2015

Tigermedix is a medical club and its mission is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all Health Occupations education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care in our community. Dedicated medical club student today, future medical professional tomorrow!

Meet the newest members of Tigermedix at HSAGP.
We are proud to announce that Tigermedix is expanding to the HSNature campus.

Thank you,
Tigermedix Members

Museum by 3rd Grade

Dear Harmony Family,

Third grade had a huge success with their first class museum of the year. We worked on creating brochures for social studies, paper bag books for writing and robots for science! There was excitement throughout the day as we worked on professionalism of being a great host. Each class was able to host at various times of the day which helped us start our week with a bang! Thank you to all of the wonderful parents, staff and students for coming and allowing us to host you as our guests.

Thank you,
Ms. LeVasseur read more . . .

Harmony 411

Please click on "more" for a copy of the 411.

Thank you

Por favor presione' "more" para obtener una copia de las noticias 411.

Gracias read more . . .

Child Find

It is the policy of the Harmony Science Academy Charter School to locate and identify any child who contacts or enrolls in the Charter School who may have a disability and be in need of special education and related services, regardless of the severity of the disability, in accordance with its procedures as reflected in the CHILD FIND legal framework of the Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education Process, located at: read more...



 April 3, Friday
Make-up Day
 May 25, Monday
Make-up Day

Harmony Science Academy-Grand Prairie
It is the policy of HPS not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability in its programs, services, or activities as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. For inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies, please contact Section 504/ADA Coordinator at 713 343 3333 located at 9321 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S. Houston, TX 77099.