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 George/Angela and Caleb Ricks 3/1/2010
We just wanted to say that we enjoyed meeting with the principal on 02/26/2010. We were quite impressed with the school. We believe that Harmony is definitely on the right track. We would like to find out more about your new location as well (Harmony Nature School). In the event that Caleb Ricks is not chosen for the Grand Prairie location we would certainly consider the new campus as an option. Should we fill out another application? If so, how may we obtain an application for this location? Thanks in advance for your response. Best Regards, The Ricks Family (972)274-9917 
 LnddMiles 7/27/2009
The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you  
 fausat abiona oyewale 6/14/2009
Harmony science is a very good school. I can see a lot of changes in my children.Thanks to Harmony teachers they are doing a wonderful job.  

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